'In the Moment Planning'

At Pre-school our ‘teaching’ is now delivered through ‘In the moment planning’ where ‘teachable moments’ are discovered through the children’s play.  This unique way allows us to develop each child at their own individual pace working with their interests.  This also allows us to steer the child lead play into which objectives we wish to be assessing the children on using their ‘individual next steps plan’.    The practitioner uses skills to know when to intervene and when to stand back to observe the children.  This allows the practitioners to gain a sound understanding of the child’s knowledge, skills, attitude, understanding and progress.  The spontaneity of the planning also enables us to keep enriched by what the children ‘see’ and are fascinated by, who can say what a child wants to explore tomorrow or even in the next five minutes.  It’s an exciting journey to share with them.


National Strategies document states :- “It is in the moment of curiosity, puzzlement, effort or interest – the ‘teachable moment’ – that the skilful adult makes a difference.”

Weekly Focus Children

Instead of having focus activities and individual observations on children each week, now there will be ‘focus children’ each week throughout each half term.  This means that your child will have one set of observations per half term added to Tapestry, on a moment by moment basis with the focus children given extra attention, but all the children are busy and learning all the time.  Any ‘wow moments’ that any children do will also be recorded.  Any next steps which have been identified during the child’s focus week but which have not yet been fully addressed will be worked on with the child during continuous provision in the future and reviewed when it is that child’s turn as a focus child again.  All observations made on the children will be based on quality interactions between the children or children and practitioners.  They will include any teaching that has taken place or progress that the child has made.