Parents Views

'We often ask our child what she has learnt at school and laugh because she always says ' nuffing much!'. It is evident that she is learning a vast amount but is having fun at the same time, she doesn't even realise it's learning!'

'I can not believe how much he has grown and developed in 2 years. Thank you for your help with his development. I can't believe he is going to big school already. Thank you for helping him grow. We will miss you all at Pre-school.'

'We're really pleased with our daughters progress throughout these last few months. Increasing her hours has worked wonders. She loves coming to Pre-school and looks forward to learning in all subjects.'

'I just want to say what an amazing job I think you are doing with our daughter! I know she doesn't always talk to you and tell you how she feeling, but she always comes home and tells me what a wonderful day she has had. Sometimes as Early Years Educators you don't get thanked enough, and I know she wasn't your easiest child not always talking, so thank you.'